Threading is usually referred to having multiple processes working at the same time on a single CPU. In other words, different processes are running concurrently on a single CPU. People usually tend to confuse concurrency with parallelism. Although they sound similar they are very different.

Concurrency vs Parallelism:

Concurrency is about dealing with multiple processes at once, parallelism is doing multiple processes at once. An application can be concurrent but not parallel, this means that the the application can handle more than one task at a time, but both of them never run together. An application can also be parallel but not concurrent…

Feature engineering is the most vital part for making good Machine Learning models. Handling missing data is the most basic step in feature engineering. Missing data can completely mess up your models, so it has to be handled properly for creating good machine learning models. Here I’m going to explain multiple methods to handle missing data for different scenarios.

What is missing data?

Missing data occurs when features/columns of a record/row have not been recorded. Missing data results in incomplete records that may impact the performance of the machine learning model created using this data.

Missing data can happen due to many reasons. It…

Python has a bad reputation for being slow compared to optimized C. But when compared to C, Python is very easy, flexible and has a wide variety of uses. So how do you combine flexibility of Python with the speed of C. This is where packages known as Pandas and Numpy come in. If you have done any sort of data analysis or machine learning using python, I’m pretty sure you have used these packages. They make it very convenient to deal with huge datasets.

In this post we will be looking at just how fast you can process huge…


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